It’s All Connected Intro

Kolua’s Footprint Advocacy-PDF

Bringing together the global connection of our individual footprint seamlessly integrates into our global communication and daily lives; be it through our workplace, home, school, and other activities. This “it’s all connected” idea took a little time to align but like a geyser finding its timely alignment (think water, time, pressure and temperature), I began to see the planet’s delicate balance and the interconnection of all its inhabitants in a symbiotic rhythm with its heart beat resonating in each of us. We’re seeing not only the interconnection but also the interdependency as science starts to catch up with the ongoing effects of decades of neglect, overconsumption, and imbalance.
Conscious Civility (‘C2’) blends perfectly into this interconnection and interdependency by expanding the possibilities on several fronts and bringing a fresh insight of our own footprint and its effect on the whole. The possibilities again expand to take any insight, passion, or interest to the next level such as I have here with my seemingly disparate interests. The connection is the key and applying C2 concepts will draw these connection together to whatever area an individual’s interest is piqued.
The pictograph sets the overall approach to keep the connection so we can participate at any (or all) levels inclusively and with our own individual interests and passions.